Wednesday, September 20, 2006

funny/weird face

For those of you who still might doubt that I am able to do funny/weird faces, here is the proof. My friend Heidi Edwards took this pics of me during my school event: May Fair 2006. Which one is the funniest/weirdiest of all? Enjoy

Saturday, September 02, 2006

My issues with hot spicy food

This is the last week before I start teaching again. I decided to treat myself. I bought more RAM memory for my desktop computer and I went to Chinese restaurant (Big Bowl) for lunch. I never really like my food to be spicy or hot spicy. Most people are suprised when they hear this because they think we, "latinos", ALL like hot spicy food. This stereotype probably comes from the fact that most of the latino population in the states is Mexican. And most Mexican, but not ALL, like spicy food. But anyway, I don't usually go to ethnic restaurants either. I just don't want to think too hard about food. I just want to eat. With the help of waiter I order some corn dish with chicken that was not spicy at all, according to her. When they brought it to me it looked great! A really big place full of rice, corn, chicken and vegetables. Unfortunately, it was spicy for me. I really try to eat it but after a few minutes it was just too much for me. I wonder if I have become to sensitive to spicy food and if there is a way to change that? I didn't want to waste all that food but the waiter was very nice and changed my plate for another dish. Some orange chicken with rice. This was not spicy at all. The chicken was breaded and cooked with soy sauce so to meet it had an interesting take, but at least I was able to eat it without thinking if it was going to upset my stomach or me! :-)