Thursday, February 15, 2007

Esperanto is not dead

Even though I haven't made much efforts to improve my Esperanto lately, I keep finding examples that show that this is not a dead language at all.

Look at this cute video:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let's burn down the house!

Well... not literally.
I just started experimenting with a new home project: Melting Crayons.
I was going pretty well... until I have a little accident in the oven and now it's partially covered in crayon wax... oops!
But I have been more careful lately and I am having fun and some good results.
This is my last badge:

Before melting

After melting

Friday, February 09, 2007


My friend José is one of the organizers of this really cool gathering for young people (like me!) who would like to learn more about Esperanto or practice this interesting language with other cool people. If you are near Madrid, don't miss it! I wish I could be there, guys! Good luck!

Del 9 al 11 de marzo en el albergue juvenil "San Fermín" (Villaverde-Madrid). Organiza HEJS, la Sección Juvenil de la Federación Española de Esperanto.
Para más información:

IRO 2007 Iberia renkonto
Okazos de la 9a ĝis la 11a de marto en la junulargastejo "San Fermín"
(Kvartalo Villaverde de Madrido). Organizos HEJS, Juna Sekcio de HEF.
Pli da informoj :

EPOTI featured on the Bob and Rob show!

This is a post from a blog where I collaborate English Practice over the Internet


By now most of you know about podcasts and how useful they are for learning English. One of the ESL podcasts we (EPOTI group) like is "The Bob and Rob show". It has very good information on language and culture and it's very educational yet informal and even funny.

Some EPOTI members have developed a relationship with Bob and Rob. I think Ignacio has been mentioned in several lessons and the rest of us post comments quite frequently on their blog.

In their Latest show Lesson 72: Money they mention our website! They even added the link to their side bar. Thanks Bob and Rob!!!

May be they did this because I (Paulino) have been helping with corrections to their transcripts (listen to voice message on Lesson 72 or find corrections on their discussion board -registration needed-) OR maybe because another EPOTI member (Jiri) sent them some beer and chocolate!

In any case, we are honored to be part of the Bob and Rob show!