Sunday, March 29, 2009

Noche Hispana Cinco

Wordle: Noche Hispana Cinco

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Noche Hispana Cinco @ Patrick's Cabaret May 15/16/17, 2009

Noche Hispana Cinco
May 15 and 16 at 8 pm
May 17 at 2 pm
Patrick's Cabaret
3010 Minnehaha Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Tickets $ 8 in advance (from artists) $ 10 at the door

La música, el baile y la poesía se juntan nuevamente en Patricks Cabaret para mostrarnos la diversidad cultural de las Ciudades Gemelas. Paulino reúne a talentosos artistas locales en un fin de semana donde la cultura hispana es la protagonista. No se lo pierda!

Music, dance and poetry come together again at Patricks Cabaret to show off the cultural diversity of the Twin Cities. Paulino brings together talented local artists for a weekend where the common thread is golden: la cultura hispana. Dont miss it!

With sweet sounds of harp, violin and guitar father (Nicolas Carter) and daughter (Maliya Gorman-Carter ) share the stage to bring folk music from Paraguay and Argentina.

Dario Tangelson, actor, director and teacher from Argentina, presents "Dale que va": A ghostly waiter character from a persistent past, stuck in time in a rundown bar from Buenos Aires, comments on life in general from the extreme gloomy logic of the tango spirit.

Rebecca Mcdonals will present an original video based on a poem by local poet Teresa Ortiz.

Jorge Gonzalez and Rachel Rogness, Guitar and Violin Duo, will perform instrumental pieces from Colombia, Argentina, Cuba and Spain.

The young dancers from Corazón Latino will present traditional dances from the North West region of Argentina and a modern dance choreographed by the dancers.

Raices, band dedicated to the music of Latin America.

Wendy Everett and her dance partner will present some traditional dances from Mexico

National Premiere of "El primer beso" (First kiss), short film about unexpected events during traditional celebrations in Spain. Written and directed by Mexican artist Antonio Rodriguez.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Things come and go

Things, people, jobs, love, mistakes, money, days and night, presents, etc.

They all come and go. They can all happen and disappear.

What we learn from their appearance in our lives is what matters, right?