Tuesday, December 20, 2005

to meet or not to meet

Most of the time people assume that I miss Argentina. And they usually look dissapointed when I tell them "I don't". It's not that I deny my roots, on the contrary, I always tell people that I am from Argentina and get to talk about it any opportunity I can. But it's just that "to miss" seems to strong of a feeling for me. I am pretty good at making a good life wherever I am. Also, now I call Minneapolis my home. That's what I feel.
Ok, but if you really, really want me to say that I miss something I would say that I miss meeting people. Not for business or a particular occassion (birthday, x-mass, etc.), just meeting. Meeting just because. Getting together with friends and talk and relax and philosophize and talk some more. It takes a lot of energy just to meet (fully) someone. I think that in Argentina (at least while I lived there) people meet more. In my opinion that type of meeting, that human interaction is essential for quality of life. Since I came to USA I have had glimpses of that type of meeting. I am also happy to say that (at least to me) it's becoming more frequent.
Today I met a new friend (or a new friend to be) and we just met. That simple. And talked and shared and philosophized and talked some more. And all of a sudden it made me realize how much I like meeting people. I miss meeting my old friends from Argentina, but I am happy and I appreciate I am able to meet some new ones here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

ah! very busy! (but happy)

Geez! I can't tell you how hard it is to auto-produce a one-man-show.
But "The Adventures of Don Quixote" is going well. Here are some comments from people:

Great! I read Don Quixote in High School and forgot what a wonderful story it is! Thanks you so much for bringing the advnture back to life! (Brenda F.)

"Very creative and funny one act show. I really enjoyed seeing you do all of the different characters. It was nice to have a bilingual show" (Angela P.)

"Great show! Good for both adults and children. Makes me want to read more" (Kathy M.)

"The show was very imaginative + fun + fun to participate in the story + also good to learn words in a different language" (Josette A.)

Sunday, November 20, 2005


It's been almost a month now that I have started (again) to study Esperanto. I have tried this in the past (several times), even got a couple of books at home in Argentina. The difference now is that I am "attacking" this Internacia Lingvo from many angles: program on computer, online course, online TV and using Skype (www.skype.com) to chat and talk with many Esperantists around the world. Does this make me a language geek? Hm...
Ah, and for those of you who doubt the value of learning Esperanto, bring it on! I am ready to discuss that with you.

Take and give care.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Playing with colored silks it's not just for kids.

I was taking a break from writing a paper for my English class (actually, I was kinda at a block in my writing) and I went to the laundry room in my building to check on the silks. These are the colored silks that I use at school to teach colors to my children. We do all sorts of fun games with them. After more than two years of using them, I decided they needed to be washed. By the end of the wash cycle they were pretty dry, but I did throw them in the dryer anyway. Fluff only, no heat. When I was folding them in my bed, our friend static electricity came to play and I played along. It was fun. I battled with a few silks when I was trying to fold them neatly. For those most rebellious ones I just gave in and let them free in the air. Some got stuck to my arms, others just clustered together on the wall and gave me a magical improptu (temporary) work of art.
Who said playing with silks it's just for children? The image of the silks on the wall and the pile of neatly folded silks under them made me reflect on my life and the balance that I strive to have in it. On one side the rational order and discipline and on the other the chaotic and spontaneous creative spirit. Tonight I had both. I put the folded silks on a basket and decided that I would let the artsy silks spend the night playing on the wall. I am sure their vibrant colors will visit my dreams at some point. I am sure I'll hear some complains when I have them join the pile in the basket tomorrow morning. But their playfulness will live in me for a long while.
Many happy have asked me how is it that I am always happy and with a positive attitude. My answer is very easy: "I love the magic of life". I truly do. And simple and magic (and silly) moments like these are the ones that infuse me with so much energy that I can't do anything else but smile and share it with everyone.

Take and give care,


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tree 5, final version and ready to use and share

I think I am done. I discover a couple of ways to do the foliage while I was putting it on and that was fun. Now I know for the next one... :-)

Tree 4, my latest sunday morning madness

I spent all night working on some papers and assignments for college, with frequent interruption to drink coffee, eat donuts or m&m's, and of course, felting!
My tree has some foliage now, look!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A la montaña (felted picture)

I just received tools for my new addiction: needle felting. I also just finished (in less than an hour) a felted picture. It represents the verse that I use in Second grade at Spring Hill School. It's a present for them. I hope they like it.

A la montaña
Nos vamos ya
A la montaña
Para jugar.

En sus praderas
El árbol crece
Brilla el arroyo
La flor se mece.

Que lindo en aire,
Que lindo el sol,
Azul el cielo,
Se siente a Dios.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tree 3 (someone stop me!) and Argentine Restaurant

Someone stop me! This is addictive, I can't stop and I enjoy it so much. But I think this is how far I got for today. I have some work to do (papers, cleaning, etc.).

I should be taking a nap right now. Today for lunch I went to a new Argentine resaurant in Minneapolis. It's called "El Gaucho" and they opened about 20 days ago. I had a "parrillada" (an argentina type of BBQ). I haven't had that for 3 years! My stomach is a little confused and trying to figure out how to digest so much meat. But it was all so yummy!

Tree 2

Even before I started thinking about studying or what to eat, my hands were working on my tree. All the base shape is covered now, so it's time to put some color.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tree 1

It's alsmost time to go out dancing and I can't stop working on my new tree. It was supposed to be a simple tree for one of the stories that I will be telling to my first and second graders. But the tree started to get more complicated and know I am much more involved with it. The core structure is wire but the body is felted wool. It's one of my new passions: felting (needle felting to be more specific). This is what it looks like so far:

Friday, October 28, 2005

My new muse: Juana

Last weekend I went to see an argentine artist, Juana Molina. I loved Juana when she was a TV comedian (Juana y sus hermnas). She is really talented. But now she is not acting any more; she is a musician. It was great to be able to see her concert at the Walker Art Center. She does great music (with multiple layers of synthethizer, vocals and guitar) and her songs can be funny, poetic or reflective. I can say that I see her now with new eyes... or new ears.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Testing/Pushing the limits

I remember my father told me once "You need to stop!". I never really listened to him. I might need to reflect on that more but for now all I know that I keep puting myself in situation where I test or push my limits.
Just look at this:
* Friday and Saturday (7th and 8th) I went to Iowa to present "Bailemos Juntos" (now online ) at the IWLA conference. Not only it went very well and I had a lot of fun with my friend Kika, Alicia and Luz, but also our presentation was chosen Best of Iowa. We will be presenting at Central States, in Kansas City, MO, March 2007.
* Sunday I opened my new show "aphasiatica: duet" at the Bryan Lake Bowl.
* Tuesday I subbed for Rached (the 5th grade teacher). I would normally only teach 3 classes on Tuesday, but yesterday I taught ALL Morning Lesson and 5 classes after that. Even more, then I had to go to school that nite.

This coming weekend I'll be hosting at Patrick's Cabaret and performing Sunday and Monday at BLB.

Still moving on!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Thanks SKY!

I want to give my big thanks to SKY IOUAN, who took pictures and design my postcard for "The Adventures of Don Quixote". He also prepared some of them for my website

You can see Sky's work at


This is the second chance I have to see Cirque du Soleil live, in Minneapolis. Last show was "Allegria". Honestly I think "Allegria" was much better, but still everything that CDS does is outstanding! I was really impressed with the mechanical system they have in "Corteo" to bring lots of angels from the sky. They use them for other effects, too. My favorite was the upsidedown tightrope walker. Very nice touch.
Like that last time I saw them, many memories from childhood came to my mind. I used to watch CDS on TV all them time when I was a kid.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Guardian Angel

Last Thursday in our Faculty meeting in my school we did some artistic work: Wet-on-wet watercolor. Most of us paiting this angel, the guardian of the tree of knowledge after Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise.

Aztec Calendar

Yesterday I started to copy the Aztec Calendar by hand. I will be teaching about the Aztecs and Mayas to my 6th graders in February or March. I thought that as a cool project they should draw the Aztec Calendar and I can teach a little about it. But first I am doing it myself, then I will be elible to require them to do the same. :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cool postcards!

I am very excited. My friend Sky is working on some cool postcards for my show "The Adventures of Don Quixote". I some some drafts today and they are awesome! This is great help. I am planning to do the show again in December.

Friday, September 23, 2005

My First ML!!!!!

What is ML you might be wondering? Well.. it stands for Morning Lesson (also known as Main Lesson). In Waldorf schools (like mine, Spring Hill Waldorf School) school day begins with a two-hour morning or main lesson that focuses on one primary subject for three to five weeks at a time. The teacher has time to enter each subject in depth and to approach it in a variety of ways creating an experiential learning environment. The children create an ongoing record of subjects in their “main lesson books,” special books the children fill with compositions, observations, diagrams and illustrations.
Even though I am a Spanish (subject) teacher and I don't regularly teach ML, this year I will be teaching it once a week. Either to sub for the class teacher or to let that teacher go and observe another teacher.
It was fun, besides some physical activity (jumping rope and movemenexerciseses) I got to teach a guided drawing of Buddha and read a story about his life.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Full full week

Every time I talked to my friends I can't help but talk about my week (and my weeks to come). I am doing so many things. I need to learn to say "no" :-)
So far I am teaching 21 contact hours of Spanish to children, I am taking 9 credits at MCTC (3 classes and 1 lab), I am working on my solo "The Adventures of Don Quixote" and I just got cast for one more show at Bryant Lake Bowl with Sandbox Theatre. I am also the editor of a Newsletter for Spanish Teachers in Waldorf Schools and the communication person for all the Foreign Language teacher (in WS) since we are trying to form an Association.
When I talked about all that, thought, it never sounds like a complain. I am very energized and happy with all these activities. I just need to concentrate and balance them all.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First day of school!

I had my first day at school today and it was exciting, energizing and exhilarating. I am very very tired after teaching my first 4 classes of the year (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th grades). But you know, tired but happy. I am sure most teachers reading this know the feeling. All the celebrations, assemblies and festivals at my school (http://www.springhillschool.com) are really lovely but I find Opening Ceremony the most touching and significant one. Besides the always heart warming Rose Ceremony, where ex-kindergarteners start a new path into 1st grade, this year we had a Sixth grade for the first time, with a new teacher, Peter. All our school is very excited (and busy) as we move into the middle school grades. I had a great summer, and I really enjoyed my free time (and the not-so-free time as well) but I am very happy to be back at school. Working with/for children is the best!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Calls to 911.

Well, my American culture experience would not be complete without at least one call to 911. But in the last couple of weeks I was involved with two. I made the first one last Saturday. An old man who appeared to be drunk (I am trying to be nice here) was lying down by the curve in front of my building. Someone came to help him sit but the wall, but he made several attempts to get and walk. All these attempts were followed by a fall, a couple of them on the street. So I called 911, the ambulance came and took care of him.
A few minutes ago, I was visiting my friends Emiliano, Cherolyn and Namshaya. Some power line at the back of their house was starting to catch fire, apparently by being in contact with a tree. The branch in which we could see some sparks was right above their garage. So Cherolyn called 911 (I was with her). Soon after that the big red full of lights firetruck was there and the situation was under control.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Nice visit over weekend and First day at school

I had a nice visit over the weekend. Adrian, my friend from Santo Tome (SF), Argentina, came on saturday and stayed until Monday morning, when I took him back to El Lago del Bosque (CLV) near Marine on St. Croix. The weekend has been very busy, though teacher a private class and meeting friends. I am glad I got to do that before the schools started.
Also over the weekend, I started to contact many Waldorf schools in USA to ask about their Spanish teachers. While I was at the FL Teachers Conference in Sunbridge, I volunteer to do a newletter for Spanish teacher, and since they are the one who will supply the content for the newsletter I want to have as many as I can in my network.
First day of school today, but luckily not with children, yet. I love children, but I am not ready for them yet. I am still working on my lesson plans and materials. Today we started with inservice and finally I got to meet all the new people in our faculty. We are a bigger group now and it really show how my school (Spring Hills School) is growing. I got to be the facilitator of some of the discussion (since I put together most of the agenda for inservice) and it was quite a trying task, but I am glad I am getting more experience with that.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

My little poster for "The Adventures of Don Quixote". A higly interactive, bilingual and entertaining solo for children and families. Performed at Center for Independent Artists, 8/14, 2 pm. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Me at busy Times Square (NYC) Posted by Picasa

So many things, so little time

I have just had the couple most crazy weeks this year.
July 30th I went to New York, after spending a couple of fun days at the Big Apple (where I saw to plays in Spanish at Repertorio Español) I headed up to Spring Valley. There, at Sunbridge college, I spent a week with other Waldorf teachers at the Foreign Language Teachers Conference. When I arrived early on Monday afternoon (conference started on Tuesday) and saw the beautiful place, full of trees, paths, etc. I thought I was going to have a very relaxing week. It is a Waldorf conference after all! To my suprise our schedule was packed with activities, classes, lectures and workshops. Even more, we (the Spanish teachers) were eager to learn more and more and stayed up late with Mar, our great leader. We where sucking information from her like new sponges. We learnt so much! More that I can process in a week, but I feel much better prepared for my next school year at Spring Hill School.
Back to New York City after the conference I got to see "Altar Boys" on Broadways and a Comedy Improv show in the small theatre in the same neighborhood of the hostel where I was staying.
My flight back to Minneapolis (on Tuesday 8th afternoon) was delayed and I arrive at way long pass midnight instead of the 8:30 pm as it was scheduled.
This week has been almost frenzied with all the work that I've been doing for my performance. Look at me, it's almost midnight, the night before my show, and I am STILL MAKING PROPS!
But I am almost done (really) and ready to go to bed and relax. I've been attacked by a bad cold the last couple of days and I attacked back with pills, more pills, teas with honey, etc., etc. I think it's almost gone. But I have the strength of Don Quijote with me and I am very, VERY excited to finally perform my piece for children tomorrow. (check out the Frinj of the Frinj 2005 schedule at http://www.c4ia.org)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fireworks from Aquatennial (from 18th floor) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Awesome weekend!

What a great weekend! It was nice to get out and have some fun this weekend after the end of my summer classes. Saturday I went to Maria's Cafe for their celebration of the Indepence of Colombia. That night I went to a party hosted by my friend Matt and we watch the aquatennial fireworks (for 15 minutes!) from the 18th floor!!! It was a great view! Right after that I made it to Balls Cabaret at the Southern Theater and got a chance to see some previews of shows at Fringe Festival 2005. Sunday was a whole adventure at Valley Fair, I went to almost all the big rides, including the wet ones. It was so much fun!
Getting into the week, Monday I had dinner with my dear friend Kika and her husband, "uncle" Bruce. We had very interesting discussions about education and technology while trying some Taiwanese food. Who can ask for anything more?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

End of summer classes!

Yeah! Last Thursday it was my final exam for Intro. to Cultural Anthropology. I am officially done with classes. I don't have my grades yet, but I think the three of them went pretty well.
I am also very satisfied with how "Noche Hispana" went. Friday night was very intimate and many latinos attended. Saturday was more "educational" and I was delighted to have the credit villagers from El Lago del Bosque (CLV) in the audience. Even though I have not been able to work at camp this summer, it's always nice to connect with the somehow. This was their special "programa de noche" and I was glad to be part of it. I am sure the credit villagers (who spent one whole month at camp) really appreciate coming to the Minneapolis, walking around Mercador Central and appreciate hispanic art at Patrick's Cabaret.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Noche Hispana at Patrick's Cabaret, July 15th and 16th, 8 pm. www.patrickscabaret.org Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

First meeting of Summer Conversation Group

This Summer I am part of Project "Shine" through my college. It's an inservice learning assignment for my Intercultural Communication class. I've been going to Franklin Learning Center to tutor immigrants in ESL. I've been helping people with their English since the beginning of June. Mainly working one-on-one. Last week I submitted a proposal for a Summer Conversation Group. My initial idea was to do a Theatre Group to give people opportunity to express themselves in another language, to USE English in a certain context. But then I realized that would be too ambitious, especially since it would be my first interaction with a group of immigrants, all of them Somalian women. So I changed it to conversation group called "My story, your story, our story". Today it was the first meeting. Even though I am used to a "class" setting, I was a little nervous. It's been a long time that I don't teach English. I could see how some of them were really shy at the beginning, but in the course of 2 hours we all felt more comfortable. The meeting or "class" was very positive and most women expressed an interest to come back the following Wednesday.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Reports, papers, studying and more!

Wow! I can't hardly believe it's June 24th already. Classes have been great! I am a little behind, though, so all this week has been (and still is) almost reading and writing non-stop! Besides my midtern for Cultural Anthropology is on Monday, so I don't think I will be out much this weekend. And it's so gorgeous outsite! Summer is fully here and I love to walk to the local coffee shop (and then plug myself to my laptop to furiously cath up with my paper work). Last nite I went to the last of the four plays required for my "Theatre in the Twin Cities" class, and it was awesome. "Entertaining Mr. Sloane", with Justin Kirk (HBO's "Angels in America") in it. It was fun. We also had the opportunity to interact with Jungle Theatre artistic director, the director of the play and the actors after the show. That really enhanced the theater-going experience.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Classes must go on...

It's been more than a week already since I started classes at MCTC. I love my classes. Intercultural Comm. and Cultural Anthropology are demanding but very exciting. Theatre in the Twin Cities is pretty easy, but I love it as well (easy credits, fun and theatre!)
I already had my first challenges in a paper where I had to examine my cultural identity. Since I have been away from Argentina for almost 6 years now, I have adopted certain behavior patterns from my surrounding culture, for sure, but I am far from being absorved from it :-)
Something else that seems to be changing is my skin :-) I am goingt EVERYDAY (some people might not believe this, yes everyday) to swim at YWCA! I hope to keep that at least for the summer.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Last day of classes at Spring Hill School

Today is a partly festive, partly sad day. Last day of classes at Spring Hill School. Sure I want to have my summer and do different things! But I will certainly miss my students, they are a source of energy in my life. The "Closing Ceremony" was lovely. All grades did some presentation in Spanish:
1st grade: song "La Farolera"
2nd grade: verse "El Castillo de Chuchurrumbe"
3rd and 4th grades: songs "Que llueva, que llueva" and "Fray Martin"
5th grade: song "Himno a la alegria" accompanied by flutes!
I was very proud of all of them!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Shy on the dance floor again.

I have always loved dancing. I have been dancing since I was six years old, as far as I can remember, but probably earlier. Last nite I went to a "Milonga" (a tango dance party). I have danced tango in Argentina. But now, after around 6 or 7 years of doing so, there is a new style that is danced in Argentina and here. It's amazing to see how big the argentine tango movement is in the Twin Cities. So, anyway, if I am trying to get back into tango dancing, but it's going to take a while since I start feeling more comfortable with it. I take some private lesson with Javier once in a while and I know that I am on the good path, but it's going to take some time for this technique, this language, to sink in me. So I did dance last nite, but I felt a little ackward and even a little embarrassed. May be it was the fact that most people there knew I was from Argentina, so may be they had high expectations of me and my dancing. I did manage to survive a few tangos with Florencia, another tango dance instructor from argentina and great performer, and even a couple with other ladies.
I did feel at my best when we danced "chacareras", then I knew I could be myself fully in the dance floor and that somehow made my night.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Oh mighty springtime wind!

I just came back from the Wedge Co-op where I got my favorite drink: Peanut Dream, a beverage make with soy mikl, peanut butter and bananas (and may be something else, too). I was only wearing a t-shirt so the weather felt a little chilly but not cold. It was a very nice breeze and a very nice walk. Short but nice. I enjoyed watching the trees shaking and waving.
Life and nature saying "hi" to me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The chacarera lesson

Last Friday I had the opportunity to teach a "chacarera" (traditional argentine dance) to a group of adults at Four Seasons, a dance studio in Minneapolis. It went really well and I enjoyed it a lot. People seemed to have fun and told me how much the enjoyed the class. It's a real pleasure to me to get to connected with my country and my background teaching dances. I have experienced that through the teaching of Spanish, but teaching a "chacarera" I had the same feeling.
Se va la segunda!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Me at the "Bingo Station" at the May Fair 2005 (Spring Hill School) Posted by Hello

Friday, May 13, 2005

Back to school

Yeah! I finally registered for classes at Minneapolis Communityand Technical College for this Summer. I am very excited about going back to school, but I know it's going to be demanding. I won't be teaching so, it should be fine. The three classes that I will do are:
* Intercultural Communication
* Intro. to Cultural Anthropology
* Theatre in the Twin Cities
So, they should be fun. I am very motivated for all them.
Summer: books and books! :-)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tangos and chacareras

Recently I met a new friend, Javier. He is from Santa Fe, Argentina (like me) and he is a great tango instructor. I am back at learning tango, the "good" way this time. It's great to reconnect with dance and with a dance I really like (among many others).
His classes are not just about tango, but alignment as well. I feel like my back is really in bad shape every time he aligns it. I am also trying to get back to the tango dance floor again. I went to a tango practice tonite, but I am still very hesitant to dance there. But I know that with time I'll enjoy it again. I got to dance a "escondido" and a "chacarera" as well.
Se va la primera!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

May Day

My second May Day, organized by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (HOBT).
Last year I discovered this awesome celebration, which not only is a creative, energetic and inspirational event, but also a great community effort!
I was hooked to perform at the ceremony in 2004, but this year I really wanted to be part of the audience! I just wanted to be one of the many thousands that gather on this day.
The weather was aweful: cold and even snowing a little. But the energy of the paraders and the audience was heart warming!

Monday, April 25, 2005

A great Monday

Today is the last day of Spring Break at Spring Hill School, last day to make use of some free time that I don't usually have. I taught 3 classes today, but also had some fun, too.
I got to have lunch with a friend. This is very rare during week days because I am always working. It happens during some weekends, though. So, it was fun for a change to share lunch with a friend on a Monday. We had to change our initial plan to eat at Figlio in Uptown and had to do a little search before finding a place open (and serving lunch) at 11 am. OH, urban life! Anwyway, food was not a very important factor. I had a great time and very good conversation and that's all that's matters. Although the Creme Bulee I had for dessert was very tasty. :-)
In the afternoon, after my classes, I went to MCTC (Minneapolis Community and Technical College). I am registered as a non-seeking degree student at the moment, so that I can start taking some classes this summer. I will finally start getting some credits towards a BA in USA. I did a short orientation and pick up some form, nothing too important, yet.
In the evening I had not plans, but I wanted to be spontaneous (as usual). I called my good friend David, who happened to have no fixed plans either. Well, I think he did have some plans, but he is usually spontaenous and willing to be flexible. We had a small bite at Anodyne in south Minneapolis and then he suggested to go for a walk around the lake (instead of his usual visit to the gym). Weather was not very good and it looked like it was going to rain again. David suggested to go to the Mall of America instead, and off we went!
I haven't been at MOA for a long while now. I must say that I have never gone to MOA just to walk. It's a great place for people watching (I am not much in to window watching or shopping). After walking around 3 or 4 times around the mall (different floors, though), I started to get a little dizzy. Not like I was going to collapse or that I needed to stop, but kind of dizzy. I was not sure what it was. May be the meal (a great three cheese omellette with a salad) was too small for me. May be it was the overstimulation from the mall. The odd combination of colors, music, smells and lights everywhere flashing at me was a little too much. At least I know that... now. Next time it's about to rain, I will suggest going to the YWCA track (where I ususally do my walking). Before finishing our walk I had some frozen yogurt, and that helped a little. All in all it was a lovely night and I got back home ready to go to bed and get a nice rest to start school the following morning.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Spring Break almost over

Tomorrow (Monday) is that last day of my Spring Break at Spring Hill School. I really appreciated the extra free time at this time of the year (I was still teaching my ULC classes). I was also happy to accomplish many things this week:
* More time going out with friends.
* My appartment if finally a little more organize. Some boxes put to storage.
* As part of the appartment organization, I arranged a low table exclusively for my yarn and knitting projects! So I hope now I will be able to do more projects and finish some that I started.
* I am finally registered at MCTC (Minneapolis Community Technical College) to take classes. This summer I will finally start taking classes towards a BA in USA.
* I took a Master Dance Class in CUNNINGHAM technique. It was awesome. It was a beginners class but I was very motivated by it. I'd like to start taking dance classes again!

Today I saw "Pulse", a movie made by the creators of STOMP. It featured musicians and dancers from around the world. I could barely keep my feet still. Another reason to continue dancing and keep movings.

Future projects:
* I will continue working on a one-man-show for children about Don Quijote.
* I might start dancing tango again.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Me, bald 04/17/05 Posted by Hello

The usual radical change

Those who have known me for a while know that I usually make some radical changes, specially to my hair and facial hair. Arter keeping my short-long crazy hair and goatee for a while for my character of Don Quijote, I decided to take it all out.
Yesterday I returned from Duluth at around 6 pm. I went there with Patricia to do a puppet show about Benito Juarez. It went quite well, although I was not very pleased with it. It's the perfectionist inside me. The trip was amazing, I always enjoy going up and down Minnesota. The view is awesome and you can't avoid to feel at peace surrounded by nature (even though I was in the car for more that 2 hours :-)
At night I had a great desire to go dancing. Most people would spend quite a time decided what to wear, hair style, perfume, etc. etc. I rarely do that... but when I do it means that it's a very special event (usually just for me) or that I am in need of some change. As I looked into the myself I found that I liked that Don Quijote look I was seeing, since I enjoyed that character very much. But I was not watching the real "Paulino". It was without hesitation that I grabbed the trimmer and took it all out! Completely out! Both hair and goatee! I also went ahead and shave it all with a raizor after that. When Javier (my new friend from Santa Fe, AR) came to go dancing, I asked to finish shaving the back of my head.
A few people where a little shocked or intrigued, although that wasn't the purpose of doing it (or was it? :-)
There is something liberating in cutting my own hair and also feeling lighter. In a way it's like preparing to get new ideas and process older ones with more clarity.
This week I am not teaching at Spring Hill School (Spring break), and I bound to do some serious thinking in the extra free time.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

New cell phone and new communications

Yesterday I got a new cell phone. My number will remain the same, it's just the T-Mobile is upgrading their system and I needed a new handset to be able to receive text message and voice messages. Anyway, it was free, it has color screen and new features. Not that I needed that but oh well...
This week has been intense. But now that I am done with "Kijotadas" and having Spring break next week, I think I will be able to relax a little more.
A new phone, but the same number... In a way I also feel that I have been challenged with communication from different people at school, old friend, new friends and family. But may be it's part of my stress that doesn't allow me to communicate freely or easily.
Talking about stress...geez! Most people know that I don't usually get stressed or at least I don't acknowledge it (which is not very healthy). Yesterday I could feel it. Terrible headache and some sort of mental confussion that makes certain things hard to handle or gives me lack of clarity.
Luckily, I got an invitation from my friend David to go for a walk around the lake Nokomis. That was a savior! The night was warm enough to walk without a jacket. The sky was cloudy, so it was not the usual dark blue or black sky one expects, but that grey roof was nice, too. So, this combination of exercise (walking), a good chat with a friend and a nice night was the perfect combination to get the so much needed relaxation to easy my stress.
This weekend I am getting out of town. Patricia and I are doing a puppet show in Duluth (North of Minnesota) and spending the night there. It will be good to change air for a little while.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Follow up from International Women's Day

International Women's Day (8 March) is an occasion marked by women's groups around the world. This date is also commemorated at the United Nations and is designated in many countries as a national holiday. When women on all continents, often divided by national boundaries and by ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, come together to celebrate their Day, they can look back to a tradition that represents at least nine decades of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development.
International Women's Day is the story of ordinary women as makers of history; it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men. In ancient Greece, Lysistrata initiated a sexual strike against men in order to end war; during the French Revolution, Parisian women calling for "liberty, equality, fraternity" marched on Versailles to demand women's suffrage.

Last Saturday, during a conversation about diversity with school people, the value of women in society was reiterated by the person conducting the training. A view that I've always shared. That's why I go to yWca (instead of yMca), there misssion is "eliminating racism, empowering women".

March 8th, this year was a Tuesday, I was at the coffee shop in my usual break before teaching at Spring Hill School. Suddendly I remembered it was Int's Women's Day and since my mom (and other women in my life) are so far away, I decided to buy flowers and give them to every woman I found my way. And so I did.

Today, at the same coffee shop, one of those women, recipient of my flowers, let me know how much she appreciated that gesture from me. He mentioned that she took the flower to her office, and it lasted for 3 weeks and made her days different (hopefully better) in a way. I was very touched by this comment. Sometimes you never know how your actions will affect people's lives.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Paulino as "Don Quijote" (Intermedia Arts 4/9/05) Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

After Kijotadas glow

Yeah! We made it! We had our two shows of "Kijotadas" at Intermedia Arts. There is capacity for about 110 people in that theater. We had 65 people on Friday and about 110 on Saturday, full house!!! I was very excited. Both shows went really well, specially the Saturday one (some tech issues were solved by then). Lots and lots of my friends came to see me, and that was awesome! I always give my all and my best in each performance, but when my friends are there, it feels that I give more. After the show I shared a special dinner with my good friend Kika (from CLV summer camp), her mom, her husband and another CLV friend, Marcus. I feel very "Quijotesco" this weekend!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Spring and rain

And of course, Spring could not just come and delight us only with some warm weather but some rain as well. This has been a week of weather changes, I am still adjusting to that. I finally was able to leave my big winter coat at home. But I guess now I need to get a rain coat :-)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Paulino Brener (Don Quijote) and David Schmitt (Sancho) in "Kijotadas" Posted by Hello

Spring Friday and French Saturday

And Springs keeps coming in more and more into my home and into my life. Yesterday I went to Steeple People Surplus store and bought a base for my flowers. This place it's about 3 blocks from my apartment so I went there walking and that was the only reason for going out. Just to get that item. Later that afternoon I realized, when I was getting ready to take a bath, that I didn't have the salt I use ("Bath therapy"). So I made another walking trip to the Wedge Coop to get some. Again, a short walking trip just to get one item. This reminded very much of my native Santo Tome (Santa Fe, Argentina) where you can go and get some basic goods in at small store in your neighborhood.

Saturday was a nice change of pace. I finally made it to this Weekly French group that meets at Expresso Royale in DT Minneapolis. Even though I am not usually shy or overwhelmed but big groups of people, I was a little intimidated by this room packed with french speakers. May be it was my anxiety of practising a language that I haven't practise in a long long while. It was fine, though, I bought my italian soda (just to add some diversity :-) and easily mingled with the group. After 2 hours and half of non-stop speaking and listening ONLY French, I decided I had enough (for a first time), and I was hungry, too. It was an amazing experience! I hope to go back there more frequently.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spring inside my home. Posted by Hello


Although snow still melting down here (Twin Cities, MN) and there is not much green around, I have made a conscious decission to bring Spring into my life. Finally, after 6 months living here, I decided to find some storage space in the building. I found it and I started to take many boxes out of my modest efficiency. Boxes have play a important part in my life, since I've been moving to and from many places... always hauling my boxes around. It seems like all my life is in those boxes. I am also going to swim (to the local YWCA) more frequently. Being in contact with the water energizes me. Although I do feel tired most of the time, since my work load and activities has increases. Still teacher Spanish to teaching, also preparing for a new play (where not only I am the lead, "Don Quijote", but also I am in charge of the production in Minneapolis) http://www.kijotadas.info. At school I am also helping with our Transition Site Committtee, trying to find a place to house my school (Spring Hill Waldorf School http://www.springhillschool.com) for the nest 5 years or so. I am also very inspired by my artistic work that I decided to put together my own show. I am not sure yet if it's going to end up being a one-man show, I hope so since it makes things easier (specially decission making... hmm... or not). All I know for now is that it's going to be a play for children about Don Quijote. I have to profit from the creative energy of incarnating that character in Kijotadas. I am also growing a goat-tee for that role, so I must just use it a little longer. My first graders are always very intrigued why I keep "forgetting" to shave part of my moustache and beard.
Another way I brought Spring into my life (and into my apartment literally). I got a very nice bunch of flowers from school. Now tomorrow I need to go thrifting and find a nice base for them.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

First audio blog

this is an audio post - click to play

Blogging and Kijotadas, new adventures

A new beggining, a new adventure.

So, here I go, starting the adventure of blogging at the same time I experiencing the adventure of "Kijotadas" (http://www.kijotadas.info), a play where I represent Don Quijote, a dream come true!

Today is a very snowy day in Minneapolis. Winter wants to leave his last mark with a grand finale. I am fine with that. Nature has those gracious ways of making herself be noticed (specially in Minnesota!). But Spring is close, I can feel her presence.

Take and give care.