Sunday, May 29, 2005

Shy on the dance floor again.

I have always loved dancing. I have been dancing since I was six years old, as far as I can remember, but probably earlier. Last nite I went to a "Milonga" (a tango dance party). I have danced tango in Argentina. But now, after around 6 or 7 years of doing so, there is a new style that is danced in Argentina and here. It's amazing to see how big the argentine tango movement is in the Twin Cities. So, anyway, if I am trying to get back into tango dancing, but it's going to take a while since I start feeling more comfortable with it. I take some private lesson with Javier once in a while and I know that I am on the good path, but it's going to take some time for this technique, this language, to sink in me. So I did dance last nite, but I felt a little ackward and even a little embarrassed. May be it was the fact that most people there knew I was from Argentina, so may be they had high expectations of me and my dancing. I did manage to survive a few tangos with Florencia, another tango dance instructor from argentina and great performer, and even a couple with other ladies.
I did feel at my best when we danced "chacareras", then I knew I could be myself fully in the dance floor and that somehow made my night.

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