Friday, June 24, 2005

Reports, papers, studying and more!

Wow! I can't hardly believe it's June 24th already. Classes have been great! I am a little behind, though, so all this week has been (and still is) almost reading and writing non-stop! Besides my midtern for Cultural Anthropology is on Monday, so I don't think I will be out much this weekend. And it's so gorgeous outsite! Summer is fully here and I love to walk to the local coffee shop (and then plug myself to my laptop to furiously cath up with my paper work). Last nite I went to the last of the four plays required for my "Theatre in the Twin Cities" class, and it was awesome. "Entertaining Mr. Sloane", with Justin Kirk (HBO's "Angels in America") in it. It was fun. We also had the opportunity to interact with Jungle Theatre artistic director, the director of the play and the actors after the show. That really enhanced the theater-going experience.

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