Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Testing/Pushing the limits

I remember my father told me once "You need to stop!". I never really listened to him. I might need to reflect on that more but for now all I know that I keep puting myself in situation where I test or push my limits.
Just look at this:
* Friday and Saturday (7th and 8th) I went to Iowa to present "Bailemos Juntos" (now online ) at the IWLA conference. Not only it went very well and I had a lot of fun with my friend Kika, Alicia and Luz, but also our presentation was chosen Best of Iowa. We will be presenting at Central States, in Kansas City, MO, March 2007.
* Sunday I opened my new show "aphasiatica: duet" at the Bryan Lake Bowl.
* Tuesday I subbed for Rached (the 5th grade teacher). I would normally only teach 3 classes on Tuesday, but yesterday I taught ALL Morning Lesson and 5 classes after that. Even more, then I had to go to school that nite.

This coming weekend I'll be hosting at Patrick's Cabaret and performing Sunday and Monday at BLB.

Still moving on!

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