Monday, November 07, 2005

Playing with colored silks it's not just for kids.

I was taking a break from writing a paper for my English class (actually, I was kinda at a block in my writing) and I went to the laundry room in my building to check on the silks. These are the colored silks that I use at school to teach colors to my children. We do all sorts of fun games with them. After more than two years of using them, I decided they needed to be washed. By the end of the wash cycle they were pretty dry, but I did throw them in the dryer anyway. Fluff only, no heat. When I was folding them in my bed, our friend static electricity came to play and I played along. It was fun. I battled with a few silks when I was trying to fold them neatly. For those most rebellious ones I just gave in and let them free in the air. Some got stuck to my arms, others just clustered together on the wall and gave me a magical improptu (temporary) work of art.
Who said playing with silks it's just for children? The image of the silks on the wall and the pile of neatly folded silks under them made me reflect on my life and the balance that I strive to have in it. On one side the rational order and discipline and on the other the chaotic and spontaneous creative spirit. Tonight I had both. I put the folded silks on a basket and decided that I would let the artsy silks spend the night playing on the wall. I am sure their vibrant colors will visit my dreams at some point. I am sure I'll hear some complains when I have them join the pile in the basket tomorrow morning. But their playfulness will live in me for a long while.
Many happy have asked me how is it that I am always happy and with a positive attitude. My answer is very easy: "I love the magic of life". I truly do. And simple and magic (and silly) moments like these are the ones that infuse me with so much energy that I can't do anything else but smile and share it with everyone.

Take and give care,


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