Monday, March 06, 2006

It's All About Me!

Most of my friends know that I use this phrase a lot. And it's true, I do think "It's All About Me". But for those who are not familiar with Paulino's World, this might need some explaining.

It's all about me: I do spend a lot of time doing crafts: knitting, drawing, felting, etc. to create materials for my classes. I enjoy that very much, especially when I get to share them with my students. Also, I drive at crazy times (midnight) to groceries stores to get walnuts, and buy some, and open them, and clean then, etc. to do a cool little project with my students. Un barquito de cascara de nuez.

It's all about me: I love conversations with other fellow humans, even when it's not me who we are talking about ;-) It's true that I am always very busy (full time teacher, part time student and quarter time performing artist) but I always strive to make time to meet with friends and make new ones.

It's all about me: I have a lot of energy, positive attitude and lots of smiles and I put all that out there all the time (well.. most of the time) for everyone to take. As much or as little as they want.

It's all about me: I enjoy simple things in life. As I like to say "I love the magic of life". And whenever possible I share those and help people enjoy them, too. Creativiy, imagination, diversity are always values that I appreciate and help other appreciate as well.

Last night I visited a friend to watch the Oscar's together. He surprised me with a present that he has been promising for a while. It was a metal cut out banner with the words "It's All About Me". How special! I'll place it with honor and pride somewhere in my small and humble home. I am sure my friend appreciate and understand all I mean every time I say that phrase.

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