Thursday, October 04, 2007

First "Bailemos Juntos" DVD is here!!!

I seems I have been presenting "Bailemos Juntos" workshop for ever. But I never get tired of doing that. Not only because I love dancing and teaching dances but also because I get to see my friends from El Lago del Bosque (Spanish summer camp at Concordia Language Villages): Alicia, Kika y Luz. It's like a mini reunion at each conference and we have so much fun together! We will be presenting this weekend at IWLA for there annual conference. There is one more reason that will make this presentation very exciting. We are launching our first DVD!! Si, si, si! El DVD esta aqui!!! We recorded one of our previous sessions and I've been working really hard in editing it. I think it looks pretty good. It contains explanations of seven dances from our workshop plus a couple of extras (surprise!). I can wait to see my friends again and dance with them! You can learn more about our workshop and dances at our Bailemos Juntos website

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