Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What a Saturday!!!

I had a wonderful day last Saturday!

In the morning I volunteered at the Walker Art Center for there Free First Saturday for Families. The Frida exhibit is on so the place was packed. I was in charge of Storytime. I read the book for children "Frida" in Spanish and English and then I was asked to introduce the performers of the day: the Mexican Dance Group "Cielito Lindo".

At noon I went to my physical theater class with Jon Ferguson. It's a great class and I am enjoying it a lot. It good to put my body in motion again. I really needed to take some theater class because I haven't done anything like that in a very very long time.

After my class I picked up Andrei, the Russian teacher visiting my school. We had a quick dinner with Olga and Kirill, the other Russian teacher and some of the Russian students that are visiting the Waldorf schools in the Twin Cities. Then Andrei and I went to the Orpheum theater in downtown Minneapolis to see the "Lion King". I've been wanting to watch this musical for years. Specially after I took one sample class with Garth Faga, the choreographer for Lion King. Andrei and I were really amazed and almost had no words to describe the show. It was so magical, colorful and artful. It was definitely more than I expected.

To close the night we stopped by a small art gallery opening in NE Minneapolis before I took Andrei home.

What a full Saturday!

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