Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Paulino's Birthday Party

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paulino_orange_hatDear friends


My birthday is in December and I am having a party. You are invited!


Now this is a different kind of party.  Most people throw a party at a certain place, date and time. Also nowadays most people usually don't bring/give presents anymore.

Well this is a different kind of party/celebration and presents ARE required but of a different kind. And the celebration goes on the whole month of December. Intrigued? Keep reading!


As an artist I really appreciate all the opportunities to enjoy art and participate in/with art in Minnesota. Yet not all kinds of artists, specially Latino artists like me, have access to resources or get promoted the same way as other artists.  Last march I joined a new non-profit arts organization called Latino Cultural Center of Minnesota.


The mission of Latino Cultural Center of MN is to nurture, share and promote Latino and Hispanic arts and culture.


We have entered in an online competition for $ 25,000 with our idea called  "Share And Promote Latino Art and Latino Artists in Minnesota". We need people to vote for this idea. (THAT'S YOUR PRESENT TO ME!) The 10 most voted ideas get the grant. It's free to vote and you can vote every day during the month of December (A WHOLE MONTH OF BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!)  Please vote and spread the word about this project, go to http://latinoartsmn.org AND also Text   104398   to  73774 (if you live in USA). That means you type 73774 in the "TO" line and 104398 in the "Message" line in your phone and hit sent! Simple!




Wait, you can win a Apple's New iPod Shuffle 2 GB!!!!

There's a good chance that a lot of you will want to help us get this grant and vote for us. However, sometimes it will be difficult to remember to vote EVERYDAY during the month of December 2010. If you want to be put on a special email list (Pepsi Voting Email List) to be reminded everyday to get your votes in, sign up at the Latino Cultural Center of Minnesota home page or just reply to this email with the message "sign me up for Daily Reminder. After voting is completed, we will remove everyone from the Pepsi Voting Email List. Sign up in our Daily Reminder and win a Apple's New iPod Shuffle 2 GB!!!! We'll draw a winner from the list of Daily Reminder subscriber. We'll notify the winner by email on January 10th


Thanks again! Muchas gracias!

Paulino Brener


PS:  Now, if you really want to buy something cool and support me even further, you can stop by

Walker Art Fair Sun, Dec 12, 10 am to 4 pm
Walker Community United Methodist Church.
3104 16th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407 

I will be selling my handmade bags and knitted toys there.

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