Saturday, March 26, 2005

Spring Friday and French Saturday

And Springs keeps coming in more and more into my home and into my life. Yesterday I went to Steeple People Surplus store and bought a base for my flowers. This place it's about 3 blocks from my apartment so I went there walking and that was the only reason for going out. Just to get that item. Later that afternoon I realized, when I was getting ready to take a bath, that I didn't have the salt I use ("Bath therapy"). So I made another walking trip to the Wedge Coop to get some. Again, a short walking trip just to get one item. This reminded very much of my native Santo Tome (Santa Fe, Argentina) where you can go and get some basic goods in at small store in your neighborhood.

Saturday was a nice change of pace. I finally made it to this Weekly French group that meets at Expresso Royale in DT Minneapolis. Even though I am not usually shy or overwhelmed but big groups of people, I was a little intimidated by this room packed with french speakers. May be it was my anxiety of practising a language that I haven't practise in a long long while. It was fine, though, I bought my italian soda (just to add some diversity :-) and easily mingled with the group. After 2 hours and half of non-stop speaking and listening ONLY French, I decided I had enough (for a first time), and I was hungry, too. It was an amazing experience! I hope to go back there more frequently.

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