Thursday, March 24, 2005


Although snow still melting down here (Twin Cities, MN) and there is not much green around, I have made a conscious decission to bring Spring into my life. Finally, after 6 months living here, I decided to find some storage space in the building. I found it and I started to take many boxes out of my modest efficiency. Boxes have play a important part in my life, since I've been moving to and from many places... always hauling my boxes around. It seems like all my life is in those boxes. I am also going to swim (to the local YWCA) more frequently. Being in contact with the water energizes me. Although I do feel tired most of the time, since my work load and activities has increases. Still teacher Spanish to teaching, also preparing for a new play (where not only I am the lead, "Don Quijote", but also I am in charge of the production in Minneapolis) At school I am also helping with our Transition Site Committtee, trying to find a place to house my school (Spring Hill Waldorf School for the nest 5 years or so. I am also very inspired by my artistic work that I decided to put together my own show. I am not sure yet if it's going to end up being a one-man show, I hope so since it makes things easier (specially decission making... hmm... or not). All I know for now is that it's going to be a play for children about Don Quijote. I have to profit from the creative energy of incarnating that character in Kijotadas. I am also growing a goat-tee for that role, so I must just use it a little longer. My first graders are always very intrigued why I keep "forgetting" to shave part of my moustache and beard.
Another way I brought Spring into my life (and into my apartment literally). I got a very nice bunch of flowers from school. Now tomorrow I need to go thrifting and find a nice base for them.

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