Monday, August 22, 2005

Nice visit over weekend and First day at school

I had a nice visit over the weekend. Adrian, my friend from Santo Tome (SF), Argentina, came on saturday and stayed until Monday morning, when I took him back to El Lago del Bosque (CLV) near Marine on St. Croix. The weekend has been very busy, though teacher a private class and meeting friends. I am glad I got to do that before the schools started.
Also over the weekend, I started to contact many Waldorf schools in USA to ask about their Spanish teachers. While I was at the FL Teachers Conference in Sunbridge, I volunteer to do a newletter for Spanish teacher, and since they are the one who will supply the content for the newsletter I want to have as many as I can in my network.
First day of school today, but luckily not with children, yet. I love children, but I am not ready for them yet. I am still working on my lesson plans and materials. Today we started with inservice and finally I got to meet all the new people in our faculty. We are a bigger group now and it really show how my school (Spring Hills School) is growing. I got to be the facilitator of some of the discussion (since I put together most of the agenda for inservice) and it was quite a trying task, but I am glad I am getting more experience with that.

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