Saturday, August 13, 2005

So many things, so little time

I have just had the couple most crazy weeks this year.
July 30th I went to New York, after spending a couple of fun days at the Big Apple (where I saw to plays in Spanish at Repertorio EspaƱol) I headed up to Spring Valley. There, at Sunbridge college, I spent a week with other Waldorf teachers at the Foreign Language Teachers Conference. When I arrived early on Monday afternoon (conference started on Tuesday) and saw the beautiful place, full of trees, paths, etc. I thought I was going to have a very relaxing week. It is a Waldorf conference after all! To my suprise our schedule was packed with activities, classes, lectures and workshops. Even more, we (the Spanish teachers) were eager to learn more and more and stayed up late with Mar, our great leader. We where sucking information from her like new sponges. We learnt so much! More that I can process in a week, but I feel much better prepared for my next school year at Spring Hill School.
Back to New York City after the conference I got to see "Altar Boys" on Broadways and a Comedy Improv show in the small theatre in the same neighborhood of the hostel where I was staying.
My flight back to Minneapolis (on Tuesday 8th afternoon) was delayed and I arrive at way long pass midnight instead of the 8:30 pm as it was scheduled.
This week has been almost frenzied with all the work that I've been doing for my performance. Look at me, it's almost midnight, the night before my show, and I am STILL MAKING PROPS!
But I am almost done (really) and ready to go to bed and relax. I've been attacked by a bad cold the last couple of days and I attacked back with pills, more pills, teas with honey, etc., etc. I think it's almost gone. But I have the strength of Don Quijote with me and I am very, VERY excited to finally perform my piece for children tomorrow. (check out the Frinj of the Frinj 2005 schedule at

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