Tuesday, December 20, 2005

to meet or not to meet

Most of the time people assume that I miss Argentina. And they usually look dissapointed when I tell them "I don't". It's not that I deny my roots, on the contrary, I always tell people that I am from Argentina and get to talk about it any opportunity I can. But it's just that "to miss" seems to strong of a feeling for me. I am pretty good at making a good life wherever I am. Also, now I call Minneapolis my home. That's what I feel.
Ok, but if you really, really want me to say that I miss something I would say that I miss meeting people. Not for business or a particular occassion (birthday, x-mass, etc.), just meeting. Meeting just because. Getting together with friends and talk and relax and philosophize and talk some more. It takes a lot of energy just to meet (fully) someone. I think that in Argentina (at least while I lived there) people meet more. In my opinion that type of meeting, that human interaction is essential for quality of life. Since I came to USA I have had glimpses of that type of meeting. I am also happy to say that (at least to me) it's becoming more frequent.
Today I met a new friend (or a new friend to be) and we just met. That simple. And talked and shared and philosophized and talked some more. And all of a sudden it made me realize how much I like meeting people. I miss meeting my old friends from Argentina, but I am happy and I appreciate I am able to meet some new ones here.

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