Wednesday, January 11, 2006

where did the holidays go?

I actually had a great time over the holidays. I enjoyed them inmensely doing lots of things and also doing nothing (at times). One of the things that I enjoyed more was meeting with old friends and making some new ones. I have always beeing very passionate about human interaction, to learn about other people's lifes and about mine in the process. Part of that is reflect in my last post about "meeting".
But now I am also happy to go back to school, both teaching and learning. Classes at Spring Hill School have been going pretty well so far. Tonite I started my first class at MCTC (Minneapolis Community and Technology College): Ethics. So far, I am hooked. It's going to be an intense semester though.
Lately I've been wondering if the inability to say "no" to things is real a problem of mine. I seem to get committed to so many things. But the truth is that I love them all and being busy is not such a problem. I'll post more later about my future events and hopefully I get to finish revamping my website soon, too.

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