Monday, January 23, 2006

What is your best (most pleasant) memory from childhood?

Today friend of mine brought a gift from Argentina. She was there during the holidays but I have not been there for almost 3 years now. At first it looked like any other music CD but it turned to be very special to me. I did not imagine the songs in it were going to affect me so deeply. This CD is titled “Para mis niños de 30 años” (For my 30 years old children). That is me! It is a wonderful collection of songs from my childhood by a famous clown and singer Miliki (when I was a kid it was the famous “Gaby, Fofó y Miliki” troupe singing those songs). It was nice to have all those memories from childhood back to me, not just to my mind but my whole body was electrified. It definitely made me cry. I would like to learn about you, what songs from your childhood give you goose pimples? What songs from 20, 30 or 40 (or 50?) years ago bring you pleasant (and sometimes not so pleasant) memories? or What is your best (most pleasant) memory from childhood?? I would love if you could share that with me since I would like to learn some of those songs or learn about those memories. Please email them to GRACIAS!

In the meantime, I will share a lullaby that my mother used to sing to me and that it gives ME the goose pimples every time I share with the children in my classes:

Arrorró mi niño,
Arrorró mi sol,
Arrorró pedazo,
De mi corazón.

Este niño bueno,
Se quiere dormir,
El pícaro sueño,
No quiere venir.

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