Sunday, May 14, 2006

One of those big days in your life

We cannot tell what big adventures life will bring to us in the future. But we certainly hope that our lives will be full of great surprises.
When we look back and examine our past, we can't help but remember very vividly some days better than others. Those big/great moments when something happened and left us without breath. Those days we know will leave a mark (or a scar).
One of the purposes of writing this blog if to share my life, ideas, etc, with friends and family. But there are things, feelings, events, etc. that are still too personal for me to share. Some of them are so precious that I chose (selfishly, yes I know) to keep to myself and enjoy them and savor them in my mind. Some of them so hurtful that I also chose to keep for myself and oppress them or find better ways to deal with them.
Today was one of those BIG days. I can tell. And all I can share is that I learned a lot about compassion, connection and as usual... taking and giving care.
As I usually say: "I am not a magician by trade, but I love the magic of life". And it's so great when a lot of magic happens in one day.

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