Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fun at the lake!

Today it was an unusual Sunday for me. A friend took me to the lake to spend part of the afternoon. He had just changed the oil in his jet-ski so he was excited to try it again. I was scared. Well.. not really scared scared.. But like that type of scared you get at an amusement park. You feel a mixture of nervous and afraid (at least I feel that) but you enjoy it! I haven't been to a lake for a long time and I have never being on a jet-ski. This one was a pretty good one and I was afraid it would go too fast... too fast for me. :-) He took me for a ride and I must say it was quite enjoyable. Again, as much enjoyment as you can get for a ride at a park. Now, if you have ever been on the back side of a jet ski (or a motor bike for that matter) you probably know that there are not many places to grab on. There was a handle on the back but I didn't think it was very safe. I put my arms around his chest and grabbed (very firmly) from his life jacket. The fastest he went and the more waves we jumped, the tightest was my grip. He was lucky I didn't break any of his ribs. Although I think he complaint about some bruises on his chest, oooops! But he didn't seem to mind my occasional screaming either. AAAAHHHH!!! But it was a lot of fun. We also tried some tubbing (an inflatable tube attached with a rope to the back of the jet ski). That was kind of fun, too, but I had a strange grip and I was so tense that I think I hurt my shoulder a little. Finally, I insisted I wanted to try to water ski, why not? After 4 failed attempts I declared that my experience was complete and I was very satisffied with my water adventures. It was, indeed, a very fun afternoon. Well, at least I had a lot of fun. We'll see when I ask my friend to take me for a ride in his jet ski again if my idea of fun was shared.

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