Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fringe Festival 2006

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2006 started 2 days ago. Since I didn't see any shows last year I forced myself to see a few this year by buying a 5 tickets pass. Yesterday I did a mini-marathon and saw 4 shows in a row:

Die, Clowns, Die!
Presented by Joseph Scrimshaw

To the Winners
Presented by Wilson Loria from St Petersburg, FL

Dance Hall Days
Presented by Christopher Street Dance

Miss Margarida's Way
Presented by Teatro del Pueblo

I liked them all and I was going to write audience review for all of them. That way I could feel part of this year Fringe a little more. But I haven't gotten inspired to write 4 reviews yet. I know.. I've been very lazy this summer :-)
I have worked with Teatro del Pueblo before so I'll start with their show.

Excellent choice
* * * * *
Teatro del Pueblo couldn’t have done a better job choosing a play for the Fringe. This is a very incisive, strong and controversial show. Miss Margarida uses devices such as repetition (or more like drilling!), provocative comments and direct insults to the audience while explaining her unique teaching methods. It’s hard to miss the underlying political statements and many metaphorical insights. I attended the Saturday 8/5 at 10:00 PM performance. I thought the actress did a very good job but some hesitancy in her delivery made me wonder if she was not completely comfortable with the role yet or if the show was a little under-rehearsed. The apology given by her at the end of the show led me to think it was a little bit of both. I say, “Don’t worry, even if we look like eighth graders to you, we are adults and we can take it. Bring it on!” Bravo! And keep it going!—paulino brener

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