Friday, November 17, 2006

Thanksgiving Assembly at Spring Hill Waldorf School

Today we did an Thanksgiving Assembly at my school. I know it sounds a little early but we are taking the whole week off next week. Isn't that nice? I'll be working on my curriculum and studying Math ALL WEEK! :-)
I love the assemblies at my school. In them you can see a nice sample of what's going on in the classes since the verses and songs presented are usually part of the daily routine and not necessarily something new and prepared for the occassion.
I was very happy because I was able to present something from my classes (Spanish) with all grades: (in order of presentation)

2nd grade: "El león y el ratón" (Fable in Spanis in verse form)
3rd grade: "San Severino" (A songs that mentions different professions/jobs)
1st: We did a series of short songs and verses that we use at the beginning of each class (Hola amigos, Sale el sol, El sol es la vida, Donde estas?)
4th: Tonguetwisters with movement (Como poco coco... and Erre con Erre guitarra...)
5th-6th-7th: Guantanamera (and I accompanied them with the guitar. it's the first time I play the guitar in front of a big group of people in 20 years)

and finally 7th grade did "Zamba de mi esperanza" a lovely song from Argentina.

I am so proud of my students! (and why not... of me and my work!)

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