Monday, October 19, 2009

Bailemos Juntos for CIS (College in Schools) Spanish Field day at U of M 10/19/09

I love dancing. I’ve been dancing since I was a little kid. At El Lago del Bosque (Concordia Language Villages) we love dancing, too. We do some traditional dances and also line dances with Spanish music. Almost 10 years ago a groups of friends from ELDB (Kika, Alicia and Luz) and I decided to bring the fun of line dances from ELDB to the classroom and started presenting those dances at different conferences for World Languages Teachers: IWLA, MCTLC, Central States and soon ACTFL ‘09! The presentation is called Bailemos Juntos

Our presentation is usually a big hit because not only we teach fun dances but the four of us have so much fun presenting together that we fill the room with our energy and enthusiasm.

Sometimes I get to do Bailemos Juntos by myself. Usually at schools. Today I presented Bailemos Juntos at the U of M for the Spanish Field day of CIS (College in Schools). There were more than 500 high school students. I made them all dance!

This is my third year presenting for CIS Spanish Field day at U of M. I hope I have enough energy to do it for a few more.

For more information go to Bailemos Juntos

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