Friday, September 23, 2005

My First ML!!!!!

What is ML you might be wondering? Well.. it stands for Morning Lesson (also known as Main Lesson). In Waldorf schools (like mine, Spring Hill Waldorf School) school day begins with a two-hour morning or main lesson that focuses on one primary subject for three to five weeks at a time. The teacher has time to enter each subject in depth and to approach it in a variety of ways creating an experiential learning environment. The children create an ongoing record of subjects in their “main lesson books,” special books the children fill with compositions, observations, diagrams and illustrations.
Even though I am a Spanish (subject) teacher and I don't regularly teach ML, this year I will be teaching it once a week. Either to sub for the class teacher or to let that teacher go and observe another teacher.
It was fun, besides some physical activity (jumping rope and movemenexerciseses) I got to teach a guided drawing of Buddha and read a story about his life.

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