Sunday, December 31, 2006

Social interactions: breaking the ice

I went to a New Year's Eve Eve (12/30) party this afternoon with my friend David. I haven't seen him for a while so it was great to see him again and to be out and about and social.. well.. I don't know why but I was not that social today. I am usually pretty good at parties at talking to different people both known and new. Was I shy? Is that possible? :-) May be just pensive. But I was not sad or having a problem or anything. Just quiet. I guess that might have seem strange to some people since I was asked "everything OK?" a few times. And yes! Everything was OK. Perhaps many people are not used to see me pensive or without a smile from ear to ear :-)
I really enjoyed the party, in a different way. I enjoyed observing people interacting. I liked eavesdropping here and there and mainly I got to observe body language. Something that helps me a lot when I am acting or creating a character.

One of the things that stuck in my mind was a question that my friend David used as a conversation starter. He is very original at times... well.. most of the time. ;-)

So, I would like to ask YOU (the reader) this question.

As we welcome the New Year I’d like to leave you with a question that calls for a little bit of reflection (although I hope you don’t have to think too hard to answer it). For some reason the coming of a new year calls people to reflect a little bit. I certainly hope that people develop a habit of reflecting a little more every day.

So here it is:

What makes YOUR WORLD a beautiful place?

I hope to hear from you, or anyone who would like to answer that question, at

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paulino brener said...

From a friend in Argentina:

What makes your world a beautiful place?

KIDS. Yes my answer is very simple KIDS. My kids, all the kids, make my world a beautiful place. Their innocence their simplicity , their purity, their transparency. They make my world a better one to live in, and I keep learning from them.

Alejandra Luna
Directora- SCOL
Spanish Conversation Online

Andrew said...

Seeing people change and grow. Seeing people realize that they have change to shed their former selves, and to embrace new directions, energies, and to fulfill their life dreams and purposes. To see people give up everything they formerly valued, to pursue their passion, following their heart. The human spirit is the most beautiful thing in my world.

Andrew Gentile
San Francisco

Andrew said...

The human spirit. To see people continually evolve, change, grow. Shedding their pasts. Following their own path, answering their calling. Redefining themselves. Embracing new definitions of self and spirit. Deciding to heal and to heal others.

Andrew Gentile
Certified Hypnotherapist