Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Chicago... Chicago...!

Oh, wait! The song was New York, New York! Oh well. I am having lots of fun in Chicago as if I were in New York City. The weather is super nice (kinda hot). It's kinda nice to get out for Minneapolis for a few days and be in a bigger city. I can always find smaller town or peaceful places in Minnesota :-)
The trip started yesterday morning with a little bit of a nuissance. Right before I was going to leave to take the bus and train to airpot I checked my car for a few item that I needed from there. And I locked myself out of my car! Apartment keys and everything! I just wanted to bang my head on the wall! I was very very lucky that the resident manager was not only still there but that she also answered the phone. I don't think she usually does early in the morning. She was a great help! Thanks Ann!
I got to the airport on time, only that I went to the wrong terminal. I neglected to check that AirTran was leaving fron Humphrey terminal and not Lingberg. But they are very close to each other. The shuttle bus was quick and I went through security very fast. That terminal was so quiet!
The flight was calm and short and the train to the hostel was easy to find.
The plan is to stay a couple of night at the Hostelling International Chicago downtown (to enjoy a little bit of the city life). Thurday and Friday I will be doing some work, yes work! :-) I will be meeting with an experience Spanish teacher in a Waldorf school to work on 8th grade curriculum. Then Friday afternoon and Saturday I will meet my good friend Steve from Rochester, NY. We are getting together here in Chicago to see WICKED!!! I can't wait!
More later... time to have breakfast!

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