Thursday, August 02, 2007

knitters, bridge and spanish curriculum

Chicago has been hotter and hotter since I arrived. But it's very cool. I've been roaming a little bit and there is live everywhere. A lot of people outside, some small restaurants have musicians on the sidewalk. Chicago definitely comes to life in the summer.
I am enjoying my stay so far. I have met a couple of old friends that live here and a new friend: Franklin. Franklin is a knitter and photographer (I think he also has a day job... but I didn't pay attention to what it was). He has a cool blog about knitting and life. He is very funny and his writting is usually quite witty. Check it out here. He also started a cool project called 1,000 Knitters and I wanted to part of it. I must admit that it was a little weird being photographed while knitting.. but I will survive. Here is a pic of Franklin and I that I took with my cell phone.

Later that night it was Franklin who showed me (on the monitors of the bar where we were in) about the huge bridge catastrophed in Minneapolis. That was horrible. I tried to call a few friends but it was impossible to connect. Luckily txt msg worked much better. All of them are fine. Some of them also confirmed they were fine through email, myspace. etc.

Today (Thursday) and part of Friday I have been working on my 8th grade Spanish curriculum (and more) with Ileana. She is the current Spanish teacher at the Chicago Waldorf School and it has been great to work with an experienced teacher like her.


Wicked is coming soon!!!!

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