Friday, August 10, 2007

Rough beginning for a great mini-vacation

So my mini-vacation to Chicago ended. I was there from July 31st until August 5th. I had a blast. But the beginning of it seems like it was not going to be a good ride.
First, before leaving home, I locked myself out of my car when I went to look for a few items there. I've done this a few times before but this was definitely the most inconvenient time of all. I call my resident manager and I was very VERY lucky that not only she was in her office but also that she answered the phone. Something that she doesn't usually do in that early in the morning (about 7:30 am). Once she opened my apartment for me to get another car key and retrieve my apartment keys everything was fine.
I took a combination of bus and LRT to the airport. I must say that neglected to double check what terminal my flight (Airtran) was departing from. I got out of the LTR at the Lindberg (main) terminal. Again, I was very lucky that I chose the shortest line for security checks because it wasn't until then that I realized, or that the security person realized, that I need to be at the Humphrey terminal.
The shuttle to the Humphrey terminal was quick and there was not line at the security check there. Now it was time to relax and wait for my flight.

More on Chicago later...

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