Monday, April 25, 2005

A great Monday

Today is the last day of Spring Break at Spring Hill School, last day to make use of some free time that I don't usually have. I taught 3 classes today, but also had some fun, too.
I got to have lunch with a friend. This is very rare during week days because I am always working. It happens during some weekends, though. So, it was fun for a change to share lunch with a friend on a Monday. We had to change our initial plan to eat at Figlio in Uptown and had to do a little search before finding a place open (and serving lunch) at 11 am. OH, urban life! Anwyway, food was not a very important factor. I had a great time and very good conversation and that's all that's matters. Although the Creme Bulee I had for dessert was very tasty. :-)
In the afternoon, after my classes, I went to MCTC (Minneapolis Community and Technical College). I am registered as a non-seeking degree student at the moment, so that I can start taking some classes this summer. I will finally start getting some credits towards a BA in USA. I did a short orientation and pick up some form, nothing too important, yet.
In the evening I had not plans, but I wanted to be spontaneous (as usual). I called my good friend David, who happened to have no fixed plans either. Well, I think he did have some plans, but he is usually spontaenous and willing to be flexible. We had a small bite at Anodyne in south Minneapolis and then he suggested to go for a walk around the lake (instead of his usual visit to the gym). Weather was not very good and it looked like it was going to rain again. David suggested to go to the Mall of America instead, and off we went!
I haven't been at MOA for a long while now. I must say that I have never gone to MOA just to walk. It's a great place for people watching (I am not much in to window watching or shopping). After walking around 3 or 4 times around the mall (different floors, though), I started to get a little dizzy. Not like I was going to collapse or that I needed to stop, but kind of dizzy. I was not sure what it was. May be the meal (a great three cheese omellette with a salad) was too small for me. May be it was the overstimulation from the mall. The odd combination of colors, music, smells and lights everywhere flashing at me was a little too much. At least I know that... now. Next time it's about to rain, I will suggest going to the YWCA track (where I ususally do my walking). Before finishing our walk I had some frozen yogurt, and that helped a little. All in all it was a lovely night and I got back home ready to go to bed and get a nice rest to start school the following morning.

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