Monday, April 18, 2005

The usual radical change

Those who have known me for a while know that I usually make some radical changes, specially to my hair and facial hair. Arter keeping my short-long crazy hair and goatee for a while for my character of Don Quijote, I decided to take it all out.
Yesterday I returned from Duluth at around 6 pm. I went there with Patricia to do a puppet show about Benito Juarez. It went quite well, although I was not very pleased with it. It's the perfectionist inside me. The trip was amazing, I always enjoy going up and down Minnesota. The view is awesome and you can't avoid to feel at peace surrounded by nature (even though I was in the car for more that 2 hours :-)
At night I had a great desire to go dancing. Most people would spend quite a time decided what to wear, hair style, perfume, etc. etc. I rarely do that... but when I do it means that it's a very special event (usually just for me) or that I am in need of some change. As I looked into the myself I found that I liked that Don Quijote look I was seeing, since I enjoyed that character very much. But I was not watching the real "Paulino". It was without hesitation that I grabbed the trimmer and took it all out! Completely out! Both hair and goatee! I also went ahead and shave it all with a raizor after that. When Javier (my new friend from Santa Fe, AR) came to go dancing, I asked to finish shaving the back of my head.
A few people where a little shocked or intrigued, although that wasn't the purpose of doing it (or was it? :-)
There is something liberating in cutting my own hair and also feeling lighter. In a way it's like preparing to get new ideas and process older ones with more clarity.
This week I am not teaching at Spring Hill School (Spring break), and I bound to do some serious thinking in the extra free time.

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