Saturday, April 16, 2005

New cell phone and new communications

Yesterday I got a new cell phone. My number will remain the same, it's just the T-Mobile is upgrading their system and I needed a new handset to be able to receive text message and voice messages. Anyway, it was free, it has color screen and new features. Not that I needed that but oh well...
This week has been intense. But now that I am done with "Kijotadas" and having Spring break next week, I think I will be able to relax a little more.
A new phone, but the same number... In a way I also feel that I have been challenged with communication from different people at school, old friend, new friends and family. But may be it's part of my stress that doesn't allow me to communicate freely or easily.
Talking about stress...geez! Most people know that I don't usually get stressed or at least I don't acknowledge it (which is not very healthy). Yesterday I could feel it. Terrible headache and some sort of mental confussion that makes certain things hard to handle or gives me lack of clarity.
Luckily, I got an invitation from my friend David to go for a walk around the lake Nokomis. That was a savior! The night was warm enough to walk without a jacket. The sky was cloudy, so it was not the usual dark blue or black sky one expects, but that grey roof was nice, too. So, this combination of exercise (walking), a good chat with a friend and a nice night was the perfect combination to get the so much needed relaxation to easy my stress.
This weekend I am getting out of town. Patricia and I are doing a puppet show in Duluth (North of Minnesota) and spending the night there. It will be good to change air for a little while.

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