Saturday, September 01, 2007

Audiobooks discussion continues

This is a continued discussion about Audiobooks (see previous post)


Hmmmm... you speak like someone who is trying to sell something and relies a lot on capitalism for that... Oh wait! You ARE someone trying to sell something! :-)

Steve, I am glad you are blessed with the wealth that allows you to afford all the comforts you deserve at your age. And mind you, I do say "at your age" with respect. I am sure you have worked hard (and continue to do so) in your life and you are able to purchase and enjoy your Argentine wine and Russian audiobooks. Great! Good for you!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) at this moment in my life I have other priorities and needs. I work in a small private school and the salaries are not that high. I am not complaining, I love my job! I have all the food, clothes and housing that I need and I even go out once in a while! :-) But I do live on a budget and I appreciate the opportunity to use free resources until I am able to purchase other type of resources. I know many people who are in the same (financial) situation or they are just frugal and don't want to pay for their audiobooks or anything else they can get for free. What's wrong with that?

I am not saying that is the all fulfilling solution. It's just one more option. Options are good! It's good to have options! And you would be surprised. Some of what you call "second rate audio books produced by volunteers" are of high quality since some of those volunteers are in fact PROFESSIONALS! Many of them work in radio, voice related jobs.. and guess what?... yes! some of them are even readers for professional audiobook companies. Then why they do it for free? The answer is: promotion and marketing! Since all books that you find at are from/in the public domain (i.e. very old books) so you won't find your recent bestseller novel there. For that, and I agree with you Steve, you should pay for the unabridged audiobook. :-)

Take and give care,


ps1: Since I work in a private school I am not afraid of any school district deciding to use volunteers. We are an independent school. :-)

ps2: Your title for this post has to a's in front of "good". You don't mind that a Non-Native Speaker of English points out your typos, right? May be you'll pay back and point out my typos, grammar mistakes, etc, etc, and then I'll learn from my mistakes and improve my writing. And believe me, I know I need to improve my writing skills!!!

ps3: I wanted to talk more on volunteerism and non-profit organizations but I'll leave that for another time.

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