Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Video for Everyman

And it did happen! My experience with new technology (more specifically the use of Flip Video Camera) was featured in an article called "Video for Everyman" by CHRISTOPHER LAWTON, September 26, 2007; Page D1 of the WALL STREET JOURNAL
Just to avoid any infringement of copyright I am not going to paste the text here. If you didn't get the newspaper you can read it online.

Or you can listen to an excerpt that I read in this video.

I speak so highly about the Flip Video Camera. May be Pure Digital Technologies Inc. will send me a new one! Since now I am kind of their unofficial spoke person :)


Kim Huston said...

Hey, I was mentioned in that too!
(I googled the article title)

Did he find your videos on youtube?


Mary Anne said...

Very cool! Thanks for the link, Paulino.