Monday, April 17, 2006

A different Easter

Last night I had Easter dinner with my friend Vessela, her family and friends. It was a very unusual but pleasant Easter dinner for me. Vessela and I practiced our chacarera, which we are presenting at Noche Hispana DOS (May 19 and 20) at Patrick's Cabaret. After that other guests arrived and we have a delicious dinner with several Bulgarian meals. The food was very good, but the two things that enjoyed most were:
1) The conversation during the meal: it was varied, deep and full of passion. What a pleasure to be surounded by such interesting people and discuss and share our ideas on many topics.
2) Dancing: Vessela and I started out by showing what we have worked on so far with our chacarera. But then the dancing continued with Romanian, Servian and Bulgarian dances (this last one dance by everyone present there). What a delight to share the enthusiams for dances!

Immigration, culture, string theory and, of course, weather were some of the topics touched through the night. Living in Minnesota, but being one somewhere else, it's hard not to talk about the cold winters. But I think that as far as we are able to keep this warm gathering to share about culture, dance, friendship, etc. the outside weather will matter less and less with time.

Thanks Vessela for this opportunity!

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