Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Break

Last Monday I started Spring Break at Spring Hill Waldorf School. It's hard to think of a break when I still have to teach my 8-9 am classes at Orono and attend my classes at MCTC. But at least I am still able to have a sense of rest and variety during the day.
Monday afternoon I also had the chance to teach an argentine dance called "chacarera" to Vessela, my new friend from Bulgaria. I had a great dinner with her and her family. Vessela has recently traveled to Argetina, she is very interested in tango and other dances as well. She and I usually exchange some funny or thoughtful emails during the day. I enjoy talking with her about culture, meeting new friends, dance, etc.
Today, I should be finishing a couple of papers and working on other projects, but instead I am working on my new play (details coming soon!) and some other personal stuff. I have found an old website that has a blog-style narration of my adventures in Europe. I have decided to transfer those here. It will be a kind of retrospect blogging. We'll see how that goes.

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