Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's in my body

Who said that our bodies don't have a memory?
I had two very interesting experiences this weekend. Both had a very pleasant physical effect.
Friday night I finally made it to the Tapestry Folkdance Center in Minneapolis. I say finally because I've been meaning to go there for 5 years now. First I attended the folkdance class and then the folkdance ball. It was amazing! I totally felt connected to that environment. I was able to follow most of the dances pretty easily. I think that was not only because I've been dancing for more than 25 years (ugh! It sounds like I am very old) but also because I feel a deep and strong connection with ethnic and folk dances. I felt very comfortable, full of life and joy! I was also able to dance a couple of Argentine dances: gato y chacarera. Vessela and her family were there, and other friends. It was very nice to share the night with all of them.
Saturday night I saw the Argentine show "Tangos" created by Luis Bravo. The music, the songs and the dances were fantastic. I was almost in trance every time I heard the violins in the orchestra. The bandoneon players were very good, too. I was not particularly moved by their version of "Adios Nonino" (a piece I love) but the rest was great and very well played. Like with the folkdances, I could feel something in my body that was triggered by those tangos. After all I was raised listening to that music. It always great to feel so alive in many ways.

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