Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sewing and Low (or Lost) Tech

If only I could find the memory card of my digital camera (ugh!) right now you would be looking at a picture of me in my new pants, hand-made!
Today I was lucky enough that my friend Felix agreed to teach me how to sew. Many people know that I have become a somehow crafty person with all the knitting and needle-felting I do. Sewing is something that I always wanted to learn, but at home I was not allowed to touch the sewing machine. There was a good reason behind that. I was quite known for taking small electronics apart (and not necessarily putting them back to their previous operational state). But may be another reason was "that's not something boys do". Well, I am not a boy any more, I am a man and I am glad I can do all the knitting, crafts and sewing I want. :-)
Back to my digital camera, this new trend of hand made things might be having an effect on the technology around me. For example, I have been living without my PDA since December now. I know that's hard to believe, but for some reason it's somehow working. Even Electra (my old laptop) is demanding more attention from me. I don't take her out of her case as often anymore. But don't worry, Rudolph (my desktop computer) is not going anywhere and he is quite happy with the 24/7 attention of broadband internet he receives!

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