Thursday, May 22, 2008

And the days go by (in Baja)

We are having a great time and this place is so awesome that it would really not be very wise to spend too much time at the computer. I do that at home!

But in the interest of sharing some experience I will just write some bullet points of some of the highlighst of our days without much description. I might come back later and try to expand.

Tuesday night: We had a great dinner cook by the one of the families (Santiag -instructor-, his wife Miriam and two children Santi and Victria). It was a delicious lasagna and salad. We ended the day with a nice singing and storytelling time by the campfire.

Wednesday: More surfing in the morning for the brave ones. I actually had a pretty bad night. My chest and arms were really sore from all the effort and tension during my time in the ocean the previous day. So I just took a nap :-). Before and after lunch we practice the skit in Spanish "La Cenicienta". At 2 pm we visited an orphanage. Again we had some circle songs and games, then the students presented the skit and we ended up our visit by sharing beeswax and help them model. Mike, one of the drivers, was very kind and generous again and bouth ice-cream for everyone! Dinner was great again. We are really enjoying good food: grilled hot dogs and rice! Yum! We went to bed just a little earlier this time. Our bodies are a little tired from all the activity and excitment from the day. Well, in all truth, I guess I should say that "I" am started to get tired, hahahaha. The kids are all full of energy and having a great time!

Thursday: We had an early morning and we went on a nature hunt before breakfast. All the kids had 30 minutes to look around the coast and collect a few things that they haven't seen before or that were attractive or rare for them. They also had to throw at least one rock and hit the ship. When they came back we displayed our findings and we had our own "science musem". Roger and his crew talk about a few things we found. Then we had breakfast and after that more surf training on the ground and then most of the kids hit the water. It was very exciting to see some of them already trying to stand on the boards. And a couple even made some very good attempts at surfing.

Oh, but now it's lunch time... and it smell so good.. so I better go and check it out!

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