Tuesday, May 20, 2008

News from Baja, mexico

Tacos at Ensenada, Mexico

Shipwreck at Punta San Jacinto (Pacific Ocean)

Learning to surf on the ground (with Indo Boards)


como estan?

greetings from Baja, Mexico. even though we are in very remote a of
Baja, Mexico (Punta San Jacinto) we do have internet!! Ha ha! Weird!

my monday morning started very early. in fact, i didn't go to sleep
at all on sunday night, i was way too excited! even though we were
meeting at 7a at the Minneapolis airport i was there at 6 am!

everything went very smoothly. from checking, flight, crossing border, etc

we had very long but fun filled monday! after a quick stop in San
Diego for pizza (our last american lunch!) we stopped again at
Ensenada, Mexico for some tacos, the market, the sea food market,
music and more. It was a short but lovely first hand experience with
Mexican culture.

we traveled about 5 hours south on Ruta 1 (Road 1) in Baja state with
some great views from the road. Sometimes the ocean, sometimes

We arrived to our camping site, which is much more sofisticated that i
imagined, around 8 pm. After a short orientation we set up the tents.
Jeannie, the class teacher of the 8th grade from City of Lakes Walrdof
School), and I had a blast laughing at outselves and our inability to
put up a tent! We probably won't make great campers in the future but
we have plenty of material for a comedy routine.

The night we't very smooth, too. In a very relaxed atmosphere we had
dinner, chat by the campfire, some playing pool, others contemplating
the ocean. We were blessed with a beatutiful moon!

We were all really tired and it didn't take took long too long until
the only music of voices that could be heard was the sond of the waves
from the pacific ocean welcoming us and singing a lullaby.

One would thnink that we woud sleep late the following morning. But I
think I was one of the last ones to get up and it was about 6:30 am!!

We were off to a good start with a great breakfast and some cleaning chores.

Now we just started our first surf lesson. My legs hurt so bad!! And
he adventure just started!

This is Paulino
from Baja, Mexico
8th Grade CLWS class trip

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