Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kayaking on Saturday morning

We had breakfast. After breakfast Roger divided us in two groups: one for kayaking and another one for snorkeling. Even though I was hoping to do snorkeling fate put me in the kayak group. I was on a tandem kayak with Jovan and that was an interesting challenge. The problem was that my weight is more than double of Jovan’s. There was a little bit of wind but it kept blowing Jovan and not me. When we went out Jovan was in the front and shore was on our left side. The wind was blowing towards the shore therefore the front of the kayak was also going towards the shore and not towards the sea. We struggled a little but we kept going. We finally decided to switch places so that the front of the kayak would point towards the sea. But at that time the wind started to pick up and Roger decided that it was not safe to go to one the closest island as we had originally planned. Then we turned back. Coming back was a little easier since we have the wind on our backs.

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