Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday afternoon and last night in Punta San Jacinto

We had some yummy tostadas. We are really getting spoiled with all the good food that Miriam prepares for us.
After lunch we all have some quiet time alone. It was great to reflect about how things are going in our trip, reflect about the amazing place where we are, read or just relax.

Later in the afternoon the activities were a little more diversed and we separated in different groups. A few students went back to the water and now we can really see the fruits of their tenacity and effort. Some of them are able to stand on their board already. I joined 3 students to a falt site outside of the camp grounds to fly a kite. It was one of those big kites that you can maneuver and make it turn and such. I must say that I failed in the task of making it turn but the whole experience of flying it or watching the others playing with it was a lot of fun! When we came back I took a few pictures of the site and a group of students who were sculpting a mermaid as part of their presentation for the talent show at night.

We had spaghetti and meat balls for dinner... mmmm... I am still licking my fingers.

After dinner we had a talent show around the campfire. Each students (or group of students) had the task to think about our surrounding and come up with a presentation and share it all so us. It was a great display of talent and Joe, Vicki and Santi (the three kids in our group that are not part of the 8th grade class were the judges. They even imitated the judges of American Idol. It was lot of fun. Some of the numbers were: A song from the play "Secret Garden", a short story abot the mermaid, jugling billard balls in the dark, some attempts to improv comedy, a picture with painted rocks with "surf" as a theme, a sketch draing of a surfer, reading the lyrics of the 8th graduation song (music yet to be composed), and more.

It was a fun night but also we were all tired and ready to go to bed early... well... kind of early. We are leaving to Bahia de Los Angeles tomorrow morning. Our goal is to be there before it's dark so we need to leave our site by or before 9 am. Will be able to do it? We'll see.

I probably won't have internet access over there. I'll just go back to the archaic pen and notebook and type on my blog when we are back to civilization :-)


Before closing my last post from Punta San Jacinto I went to the shore for one last time. It is very dark. It's a little cloudy so you can't see many stars. But you can hear and see the waves and feel the power of the sea talking to you. During some of the talks that Roger gave we learn that waves are formed by a comples interaction of the sun, moon, wind, the bottom of the ocean and of course the water. Being alone in the dark but feeling the presence of the waves in front of me made me realize how small we are in this "place" (universe, beach, live, country, ocean, etc.). But it also made me feel vibrant, full of energy and at peace. I always say that I am a very urban person, I love to live in a city but how amazing is to find this energy and peace in this remote wild places.

I'll close the laptop now and walk back to my tent (did I mention that I have a whole tent just to myself? and that I even have a cot to sleep in?). I am not sure what my dreams will bring tonight but I know that they will be filled with so much inspiration that I have collected these days.

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