Saturday, May 24, 2008

Exploring the surroundings of camp Archelon: Lighthouse

In the afternoon the other group when kayaking with Teo (one of the
instructors) while Jeannie, I and four students (Storm, Zoe, Ina, Liza
and Clare) went for a nice hike to Punta Arena, a little south of our
camp Archelon (where we were staying). We walked all the way to the
lighthouse. It seemed abandoned but people from town told us it was
working (we were able to confirm that at night when we saw it working).
There was a brick wall all around it. We climbed it and then went
insight the lighthouse. A set of ladders took us all the way up. We had
a great view from the top. We could see the whole bay, the town, the
mountains and the islands. On our way to the lighthouse and back to camp
we gathered all sorts of interesting and beautiful shells, snails and
treasures that the ocean brought to the shore for us.

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